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"A session with Nicole is an experience that transcends the physical plane!  She combines the ancient Chinese medicine practice of Acupuncture with her intuitive gifts and it is powerful.  WOW! The benefits of a session with Nicole are surprising; not only does the chi start flowing but she shares her knowledge about the mind/body connection.  And for those who do not like needles she uses baby size needles to provide the most comfort to her clients.  You will not be disappointed!


"Nicole really takes the time to understand your issues in an effort to get to the root cause."

— Square review

"So grateful for your work and all you do.  The value goes far beyond physical health!"

-Square review

"Nicole is an amazingly intuitive Acupuncturist and- the healing starts when she enters the room, and I feel blessed to have found her!  She is totally focused on me as a patient, she carefully listens, and she is fully engaged in my healing every time I visit. Nicole also truly understands the complex interconnections between the body and our emotions, and she expertly uses all her skills, resources, knowledge and intuition to uncover and treat my issues. If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of Acupuncture, I can attest that you will leave Nicole's office a believer because of the wonderful, lasting, powerful results you will see and feel!"

— Kelly 

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